Direct Access Scheme

DAS: Direct Access Courses are available to people aged 24 and over, and allow you to ride a bike of any power, these start with CBT if not already completed followed by 2 or 3 days further tuition.

We can arrange courses or just a few hours tuition as required. In order to complete the Direct Access training you need to have:

  • over 24
  • Successfully completed CBT
  • Passed a UK Motorcycle Theory Test

Bikes that are used for the DAS courses are above 67 horse power but we ease you into it gently. You will start training on a 125cc machine building up to the DAS bikes when you feel happy on the 125cc bike.

Direct Access Courses

125cc Courses

  • 2 Day Full Licence (Must have CBT, must be riding daily)
  • 3 Day Full Licence (Inc CBT, no riding experience)

Direct Access Courses (over 24s)

  • DAS 3 Days (Inc CBT for experienced riders) (If you have ridden recently within the past few years)
  • DAS 4 Days (Inc CBT for novice) (not ridden for several years, or no experience riders)

If you require an extra day, we can provide a 5 Day course, as we know every rider learns at their own speed and may feel more confident with a little more time.

DAS prices include CBT, protective clothing, and practical test. Some others make you pay for your own petrol! Maybe they will start charging you for how much rubber you use from the tyres next?