Compulsory Bike Training

You must be in possession of your provisional motorcycle licence before you can take a CBT.

CBT must be completed before you are legally allowed out on the road on your own. CBT is valid for 2 years and allows you to ride up to 125cc depending on your age.

The CBT validates the provisional part of your licence. At age 16 you are only allowed to ride a 50cc machine, at age 17, you can ride up to a 125cc machine.

On the day of your CBT, your instructor will carry out a basic sight test, this will consist of reading a number plate at 20.5 meters, with glasses if you need them. Don't worry if your reading is not too good, all we're checking is that you can see.

Remember CBT stands for TRAINING, it is NOT a test.

The training consists of a full day's tuition (up to 6 hours) starting with advice on protective clothing, followed by off-road training, leading on to advice about general riding skills.

The off-road training consists of bike familiarisation and slow speed handling skills culminating in consolidating your training with an on-road session.

A thorough working knowledge of the Highway Code is a must.

While we provide helmets gloves protective jackets waterproof equipment etc if you prefer to use your own gear then bring it along. Stout footwear like Doc Martens is advisable.

We also provide bikes which are covered under 3rd party insurance for all courses, again, if you want to use your own bike (which will be covered by the business' 3rd party insurance for the duration of the course) no problem, but remember you cannot ride your bike on the road until you have successfully passed CBT. Protective clothing 3rd party insurance included for CBT.

Call 01249 891263 for any further information.

CBT Training Wiltshire

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